The value of the goods per dollar is equivalent to 1 point (ie $100 = 100 points), members can get the corresponding points after the completion of the order transaction.

You must be registered as a member of the site in order to record points, Points cannot be recorded if you are non-member.

Points can be used as the cash when shopping in Kidult United. 100 points = 1 dollar

Points can be accumulated, but the expired points will be automatically deducted. The validity of the points is 365 days from acquisition date.

Points cannot be converted into cash, cannot be transferred to others, it can only be used in the online retail shop.

Members can access “my account” to view the details of the points.

If the customers has applied after-sales service and asked to return the corresponding payment, Kidult United will deducted the corresponding points of the customers gained in the original successful transaction.

Minimum Amount to Redeem is HKD$100

How to use points

The points can be used directly when the order billing screen is submitted at the time of purchase.

The system will automatically calculate the maximum rebate for the available points when submitting an order, and clicks “Apply Discount”


After confirming the points rebate that you want to use is correct, press “Apply Discount”, cash could be deducted by the points.