Online Comic-Con

Online Comic-Con

Every year hundreds of thousands of people descended upon San Diego in a celebration of pop-culture of all kinds.  It’s a spectacle to behold and Sideshow is there every year.

However, why limit the fun to just five days and one city?  Why not invite the world to celebrate for an entire month? 

We bring you: Online Comic-Con!

No lines, no badges, no convention hall food of questionable origin and flavor profile!  Just an entire month of new releases, content, and surprises.  Everyday at 9am PST you can expect us to announce the newest collectibles that we’re working on.  Some have been teased, and many have never before been seen.  You’ll see the latest offerings from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, our own Court of the Dead, and so much more.

Want to be a part of it all?  Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Also be sure to keep checking your inboxes as we unveil what our artists have been up to.

It all starts on July 1 and wraps up with us bringing you all the news and information we can direct from the show floor of SDCC!  See you there!